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Pheoby, yuh got tuh go there tuh know there. Two things everybody’s got tuh do fuh theyselves. They got tuh go tuh God and they got tuh find out about livin fuh theyselves.
— Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

W E L C O M E 

I am a spirited wanderer who thrives off of interacting and learning from different types of people. This site will serve as a home for my chaotic thoughts in written form as well as a digital portoflio of content and experiences I've curated. 

Communications has always been a passion of mine. 

In elementary school, I was constantly reprimanded for talking too much. In high school, I was apart of the speech and debate team and won numerous awards. I launched my first blog at the age of 14. I collect magazines, books, and newspapers. I find peace in words. 

I believe that my life, work, and travel experience combined offers me a unique perspective on an array of topics. My blog will express my current passion, peace, or pleasure. If there is something that you would like me to talk about, just ask.