Why the Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collab Is Important

Louis Vuitton collaborated with iconic skate brand Supreme for it’s Fall 2017 Menswear collection. 

The collection featured accessories and outerwear that combined the Louis Vuitton signature pattern with the Supreme logo embossed on various parts of the clothing. While Supreme and Louis Vuitton are on two completely different parts of the industry, the collboration is a win for both brands.

Historically, Supreme has served twenty something skateboarders and hypebeasts around the world. Their intoxicating and mildly exclusive logo can be seen on celebrities and downtown cool kids in various pockets of New York, Los Angeles and London. With this new collection, Nicolas Ghesquire and Kim Jones has given Supreme a seat at the table, that table being the European luxury market. 

For Louis Vuitton, the collection helped give life and a fresh buzz around the seasoned luxury brand. This is a smart move because in the age of social media and fashion market fluidity, archetypal brands such as Vuitton are struggling to find their place and retain their traditional consumer. The collaboration gives LV a chance to show its versatility and ingenuity, while still maintaining its poise and position in the fashion world. 

Because of Louis Vuitton’s past collaborations with artists such as Stephen Sprouse, there is no surprise they would be the one to lead this genius trend. Will other luxury brands follow?